picture Pam has the ability to edit and write exactly what I want to say, without modifying the content or the style of my own writing. picture

Angie Michael




What Clients Say

“I sought an editor who was passionate about her work, could get inside my head, preserve the integrity of my message, refine my language for maximum clarity, and was a gentle teacher. This describes Pam. I added gentle teacher because I became attached to my words and although I hired an editor, I thought none of my words needed to be changed—much. After Pam did her magic wordsmithing, it became fun for me to read my words pop out of the page. Sometimes I needed to reread a paragraph to find what was different. With slight adjustments in grammar or punctuation, Pam had made my writing 3-D.” Teri-E Belf, MA, MCC, Global Director, Success Unlimited Network®, Coach and Trainer

“Pam is a solid professional who also brings sincere passion to her projects. She was instrumental in launching my first book, The Naked Emperors. She had faith in my work and was relentless in finding the right publisher. She schooled me in how to promote my book and helped me shape both my book and its marketing to assure success. Her mastery of book marketing and publishing is truly amazing. Pam should be the “go to person” for anyone serious about getting their book published." Scot Faulkner, former Chief Administrative Officer, U.S. House of Representatives

“I engaged Pam to edit my manuscript for my book on team coaching. Even though we are half a state apart, working with Pam was easy and enlightening. She is extremely responsive and direct. Her editing style is comprehensive and efficient. I learned so much from her edits that I was able to revise my later chapters to catch the editing issues she found in earlier ones, thereby shortening the editing cycle. Pam is a joy to work with, and I have referred her to several other authors. She is my editor of choice, and I’ll be asking her to help with my next book!” Kathy Harman, CSC, PCC, President, Real Results, Inc.

“Pam has the ability to edit and write exactly what I want to say, without modifying the content or the style of my own writing.  Pam can take a lot of ideas and edit and/or re-write them clearly, in perfect grammar for easy reading.  My clients and readers always said about my books, articles, and business materials: ‘Reading your books was like listening to you.’ That is the best compliment for an editor and ghostwriter. “ Angie Michael, Corporate Image Consultant, Author, Trainer